JCI Expat Budapest Charity Poker – 2013

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Police Academy Two? Die Hard Two? Sometimes the sequel is even better than the original and that is exactly what we are trying to achieve with this years Charity Poker Tournament! The 2012 version was a great success, this year will be and absolute blast!


The Tournament is Texas Hold’em Style played in the professional setting of the Cotton Poker Club. Players are a healthy mix of total beginners and more experienced aces. For those of you who have never played before, an introductory round will be made at the start of the tournament, after that it is all up to your “Beginners Luck”.
The money collected in the tournament will be given to the charities of choice of the winning players. In addition, thanks to our sponsors, we have over 200,000 HUF in prizes to give away!
Details of the event can be found on our website: http://jcicharitypoker.weebly.com/
Saturday, November 9th
Starting time: 12:00 – Finished approximately 18:00
Cotton Poker Club – Jokai utca 26
1066 Budapest
Participation fee for the tournament is 6,000 HUF. For JCI Expat Budapest and JCI Hungary members part of the costs are sponsored. JCI Expat Budapest members pay 4,000 HUF and JCI Hungary members pay 5,000 HUF
There is only a limited number of places available. To ensure your place please register on our website: http://jcicharitypoker.weebly.com/participate.html
Dress code:
The official them of the poker event is “Wild West Poker” so get out your best Cowboy outfit and contest for the prize for best dresser! If you are not such a fancy dresser, do not worry and come to the event in your business casual outfit!
We are all inn, are you?
Guido and Ernő

The Personality Guide – An interactive presentation

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On Tuesday the 8th of October JCI Expat Budapest presents an interactive session on “a Guide to Personalities”

About the evening
If you learn the temperament types (sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic), you will be able to answer such questions like:
· How can I win others’ confidence and respect more quickly?

· How can I motivate others?

· How can I sense my clients’ needs more easily and clearly?

· What can I expect from my business partners and my colleagues?

A lot of excellent books have been published in this field in the past few years. Now during a 2,5 hour interactive session two young professionals approach the issue, this time from a business perspective, illustrated by several funny stories.

About the Presenter
Krisztián Hackl – economist with a ‘sanguine’ temperament. He has gained experience on several fields. He has been the vice-president of AIESEC (International Association for Business Students) in Hungary, he has worked as a project manager in South Africa, as bid-coordinator, as stock-exchange broker , as independent financial consultant and as sales manager in banking. Recently he is also engaged as consultant for small and middle sized enterprises to boost their business results.

And about the topic for the evening:
„This is an excellent handbook on how to adapt. It reads well, it’s fun, not to mention that it’s informative. It’s a distortion-free mirror of ourselves. It’s for those who want to understand others and want to do something for others. Congratulations to the authors, they have done a great job! But I congratulate warmly to the readers on searching for the key to others. They will find it in this book and the key will open important ‘locks’. Enjoy reading it.”
Emil Tonk
Vice President of the Marketing Association of Hungary

To register for this event, please send an email to guido.vandecoterlet@jciexpatbudapest.com before October 4th 20:00.

This event is free for JCI Expat Budapest members, JCI Hungary members pay 1,000 HUF, Non-JCI members pay 2,000 HUF.

Balaton Weekend 2013

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The very last weekend of Augustus is traditionally the time for THE JCI Expat Budapest event of the year; The Balaton Training weekend. This year we once again settled in the beautiful town of Balatonfüred for a weekend of fun, games and learning.  Joined by a  large international delegation from Holland and Serbia the event this year was truly international!


Thanks to an excellent wine tasting overlooking lake Balaton on Friday, we managed to get into the mood very quickly. The white wines of this region and the Hungarian pörkölt impressed not only our foreign guests but also our natives. The romantic setting only added to the experience.

On Saturday morning somehow Oliver managed to wake-up all but one guest in time to tell us more on a healthy work-life balance. Using a combination of stretch exercises, breathing techniques and common sense, Oliver thought us how we can adopt healthy living despite out busy schedules. I know for a fact that some of us are following his advises closely.


A Hungarian fish-soup for lunch gave us the energy to get into networking with Dragana, our trainer from JCI Belgrade.  In her typical energetic way she introduced us to the world of networking and puzzle solving. This JCI training “New Style” was a first for our chapter and judging by the reactions on the topic made quite some impact.


To finalize the fantastic Saturday; a dinner at the lake and fun and games with Eszter and Csilla. Thanks to some late night partying Sunday morning was time for some (self)reflection and the road back home. Now we can only cherish the memories and wait for next year!




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